VALVAR Adaptation of varieties
of vines to climatic change

Grape varieties : ValVar

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Climatic change is already on the move and winegrowing practices must evolve to face up to it and enable professionals to adapt. This adaptation in winegrowing can take several directions : the evolution of varieties or implanted clones, the evolution of viticulture practices, and finally, controlled irrigation where the local resource enables it.

The project explores the first direction, that of adaptation of varieties of vines to climatic change, in particular their adaptation to drought and to the rising summer temperatures.

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Partners :

  • Chamber of Agriculture of the Var (leading partner)
  • Chamber of Agriculture of the Pyrénées-Orientales, Lot, Pyrénées Atlantiques, Landes.
  • Centre de Recherche et d’Expérimentation sur le Vin Rosé

Application : 

Agronomic supervision of the parcels : evaluation of the sensitivity to disease, fertility, phenological stages, maturity checks, tasting the grapes, yield, mini vinification, weighing the wood prunings.

Supervision of the adaptation of these varieties to stressful climatic conditions : apex method, qualitative evaluation with respect to high temperatures, measure of water stress sustained by the vine during the maturing period, analysis of the degree of alcohol content, acid balance and organoleptic profiles of the wines.