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The finesse and elegance of Rosé wines gives them a certain fragility, especially since the distribution circuits are getting longer with the ever increasing export demand.

Certain wines, through their constitution, their history, and their elaboration are more fragile than others, and their life length is intrinsically shortened. Practitioners want to have a tool which enables them to evaluate the conservation potential of wines, and thus to be able to plan the moment of market introduction, manage the blending or strengthen favourable conservation conditions.

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Objectives :

This programme must make it possible to identify and prioritise the intrinsic factors in wines or operations which influence the length of their life. The combination of these indicators and factors make it possible to establish a predictive model enabling the classification of wines into categories of behaviour over time.

Partners :

  • Centre de Recherche et d’Expérimentation sur le vin Rosé
  • Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV) 

Application :

  • To supply a predictive model of the life length of rosé wines based on pertinent indicators, which can include operational factors (grape variety, yield, conditions of juice production …)
  • To define and prioritise the operational factors which influence the state of oxidation of a wine, and its evolution in time (on top of those that are already known, sulphites, temperature, oxygen, metals, dissolved CO2)
  • To better qualify the organoleptic evolution of rosé wines in time